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About Van den Haak TransMission

Transport company Van den Haak in Geldermalsen has existed for over 100 years now. It has always been located in Geldermalsen. A true family-owned company, with the fourth generation at the helm now. Derk van den Haak: “We are a sound and modern company, an old company with a modern approach.” Since 2011, Van den Haak has been a Royal Warrant holder. A designation to be proud of as it is not conferred without cause. It has existed for two hundred years and is conferred to companies distinguished by quality, soundness and continuity. 

Van den Haak in figures

Permanent employees100
On-call workers per day45
Trips per day100
Transport units86
Delivery quality within 24 hours99%
Delivery quality TransNight99,7% before 8am and 100% before 10am

Figures to be proud of, if we may be so forward. In collaboration with our TransMission partners we offer one integrated process for parcels, multi carton shipments, mini, standard and outsize pallets. We also load and unload in cities where large lorries are banned. We deliver business-to-business, to shops, institutions and private persons.


TransMission is the collaborative partnership of independent transport and distribution companies in the Netherlands and Belgium. Each an independent company, mostly family-owned, collaborating under the name TransMission. The service is based on a clear service concept and uniform agreements between all partners involved. A separate organization with a central management to manage joint activities. Together we can supply a total package of distribution services. Every day, anywhere in the Benelux.

Get it right the first time

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. That can only be achieved with staff who are committed and willing to make an effort – and most of all enjoy their work. We are extremely ambitious and strive for customer-friendliness on all levels; from shipping staff to the manager who has to approve the invoices. We are proud to say that our motto ‘get it right the first time’ is accepted throughout the organization. 

Customers about Van den Haak

'Many service providers start small and focus on customer service. They can often not maintain that same level once they have grown. Van den Haak wants to persist and, truly, they succeed in doing so. Despite the growth and setbacks they have encountered, they stand together and continue to provide service as a team.  Keep it up, that is what makes the Van den Haak company unique.'

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