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Additional delivery services 

To make it easy on you, we offer a number of additional services when we deliver your shipment: 

In home deliveries for parks and care facilities

Goods are not delivered to a central warehouse, but personally to patients at a park or in a building.

Deliveries in time blocks

We deliver within guaranteed time blocks of 2 hours starting at 10am. For instance, between 10am –noon or between 2pm-4pm.

Urgent delivery

We deliver within a guaranteed timeframe before 8am, 9.30am or 11am. It is also possible to have your shipment delivered before 3pm or after 2pm or after 4pm (except for deliveries to the Wadden Islands and Zeeuws-Vlaanderen).

Destacking pallets on delivery

If your contact has no use for pallets, for instance a store without a warehouse, our driver can destack the pallet and take back the packaging.

Workplace delivery ground floor

The driver usually delivers until the first door. The receiver can request delivery beyond that first door. Think, for instance, of deliveries of cleaning materials to the broom cupboard of cleaning services.

Workplace delivery on a floor

See workplace delivery ground floor, but in this case the driver makes a delivery to one of the floors of the building.

Return signed packing slip or CMR

Do you, the shipper, want to receive a signed packing slip or CMR? Please hand the driver a copy of a packing slip or CMR when he/she comes to collect the shipment. Not only does the consignee sign for proper receipt, but they also sign for your packing slip or CMR, which will be returned to you. 

Sealing on collection

No items can be loose on a pallet during transportation. You can solve this by returning your partially filled shop display to us. The collecting driver will then seal the display to contain the shipment. 

Personal hand-over

If you want to be sure that the consignee personally takes delivery of your shipment and signs for proper receipt.

Delivery without signature 

When agreed with the consignee the driver can leave behind the shipment without anyone signing for it.  If the consignee is not at home, you can use the TransmIT delivery info line to indicate where the driver is to put the shipment, for instance ‘in the garden house’ or ‘under the carport next to the firewood’.

Advance notice

If the consignee wants us to give notice by telephone prior to delivery.

Collecting the same day

As a rule, collecting shipments from third parties is based on the A-B-C- principle. Day A reporting, day B collecting from your contact and day C delivery at your business address. If you want us to collect on day A and deliver on day B, this can be arranged as an extra service. Please send our scheduling department an e-mail before noon. 


Collecting general cargo and pallets from any location within the Benelux and delivery to your own, or an alternate address.

Reverse logistics

We will collect and sort the goods and bring them back to the manufacturer to be replaced. For anything from electric appliances and packaging to entire reverse logistics.
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