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Overnight pickup and delivery service

Van den Haak Transmission is specialized in overnight pickup and delivery service in the Benelux. Every day in every shopping centre, residential area or industrial estate. We are a familiar sight in metropolitan areas such as Amsterdam, Utrecht and Enschede, where we use Cargohoppers (special environmentally friendly vehicles) for urban distribution. In other city centres lorries with ‘clean’ engines are used, enabling us to reach every store and warehouse within environmental zones.

Return logistics

When goods are shipped, returns are almost inevitable. Van den Haak is the right place for your reverse logistics. Just provide a collection request and we will collect the goods from your customer or supplier and deliver them to you in time.

Drop points, email and SMS

We offer you and your customer additional comfort with ‘drop points’. It is your customer who decides when and at which drop point the return package is handed in. You can also use our SMS service or free of charge email notification with expected arrival time, so your customer can track the shipment. 


For wholesale dealers and retail chains we arrange for distribution to stores throughout the Netherlands. Our advance planning system enables us to provide branches and shops with their orders at any time of day you want us to. All deliveries are delivered to the stores in one stop in order for the shop assistants to serve their customers to the best of their ability. 

Goods must have been delivered before the store opens? Our night distribution provides the solutions: supplying early in the morning our late at night is nothing out of the ordinary.

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