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Customs formalities: Documents for export

Outside of the Benelux we offer you connections to all countries within the EU and other European countries for shipment of parcels as well as pallets. Both import and export. The shipper is always responsible for compliance with customs formalities when commercial goods are being exported to destinations outside the European Union.

Destinations within the EU

EU member states are exempted from customs formalities and therefore no customs documents are required. Please find more information on the European Union website.

Export outside the EU

For exports of all commercial goods to a destination outside the European Union (as well as non-fiscal areas of the EU and/or the areas outside the Customs Union) the following regulations apply:
  • For parcels and general cargo up to and including 30 kg, a CN 22 customs declaration is required if the value of the content does not exceed €425.
  • If the value is higher, a completed so-called Detailed Customs Declaration CN 23 has to be compiled in triplicate (to be enclosed with the CN 22) to be able to prove the exemption of VAT for export. These three copies are intended for customs in the home country, customs in the country of destination and one copy is for the shipper. 
  • When the value exceeds €1,100, four copies of the commercial invoice or the pro forma invoice will have to be included as well as a Single Administrative Document (SAD) for declaring the export. The invoice mentioned has to contain: names and addresses of the shipper and the receiver, VAT number, country of origin, customs tariff number of the goods (see www.douane.nl), weight, number of packages, contents, currency, reason: sale, gift, repairs etc. In addition, the price will have to be stated excluding VAT, as well as the reason of being exempted from VAT, and if the shipper or receiver will pay the freight costs.
  • For shipments with a weight exceeding 30 kg, the same rules apply, however, a CN 22 is not used, a CN 23 document suffices. 

Documents and clearance fees

The sender will have to ensure the export documents required are compiled and is responsible for any customs clearance required. Missing or insufficient required documents will slow down your shipment. More work is involved, additional costs, disquiet and annoyance is caused for all concerned. 

We reserve the right to charge you for any additional fees that can arise from customs clearances. Please find an overview of the tariffs concerned below:

T-document € 36,75 per document
Inward clearance (import) € 50,00 per shipment
Clearance (export) € 47,50 per shipment
For an explanation of frequently used terms in international trade,

We emphasize that this – incomplete – information on this page is intended to provide our shippers guidelines for arranging the appropriate export and customs formalities. Please find more information on the website of the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration (Belastingdienst) www.douane.nl and Chamber of Commerce (Kamer van Koophandel) www.kvk.nl.
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